I Heart WU Week: Show Donors Some Love with ‘Great Thanks Project’ Nov. 18-22

| November 12, 2013
During "I Heart WU" Week, every student at Webster University is affected by philanthropic efforts and the generosity of others.

Every student at Webster University is affected by philanthropic efforts and the generosity of others.

The goal of Alumni & Development’s “I Heart WU” Week, Nov. 18-22, is to help students understand the importance of philanthropy and help put University donation dollars into perspective. Fostering school spirit is also a key goal of the campaign.

“Students should know that their Webster experience wouldn’t happen without its donors,” said Alumni & Parent Programs officer Billy Ratz. “Whether it’s a new building, a scholarship received or a special campus event, it is made possible by donors who’ve contributed to the University.”

While Webster students around the world have all benefited in some way from the generosity of donors, the new “I Heart WU” campaign will start small, focusing on the 2,459 students on the Webster Groves campus.

The “heart” of the week will be The Great Thanks Project, where the Webster community shares the favorite parts of their personal Webster experience in the form of a hand-written message to those who help make it all possible – our donors.

The Great Thanks Project: How It Works

From Nov. 18-21, Student Ambassadors and Delta Phi Epsilon will manage The Great Thanks Project note-writing stations at Marletto’s, the University Center, the Sverdrup lobby, and the EAB’s Edward Jones Commons.  Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to write thank you notes to donors during lunch and before night classes. Donors’ names may be drawn by each participant from a bowl, and blank note cards are provided at the stations.

Gratitude for Gratitude: Write a Note, Get a T-Shirt

The first 300 participants will receive a free “I Heart WU” t-shirt.

Nov. 20 Fundraiser: Donate $1, Throw a Pie

To show that a little can go a long way, students, faculty and staff who donate a dollar are able to participate in “Pie in Your Eye” on Wednesday, Nov. 20. Brave members of the Webster University community have volunteered to have pies thrown in their faces, which organizers hope will raise a lot of money for scholarships and also demonstrate to students how even small donations can make a difference.  More than 68 percent of the gifts that Webster receives each year are less than $100, Ratz said.

Brave volunteers include Bill Boxdorfer, Ann Edmunds, Ted Hoef, Katie Knetzer, Niki Parres, Billy Ratz, Patrick Stack, Jennifer Stewart, Mike Webster and SGA President Michael Grosch. Contact Billy Ratz at ratzwil@webster.edu or 314-968-7007 if you are interested in adding your name to the list.

One of Many Opportunities

While this is the first year for the formal week-long celebration, students at Webster have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to donate time or money back to the institution. Approximately 61 percent of Webster faculty and staff make an annual gift to support the students and programs at Webster.

For more information about “I Heart Webster” week, see the University’s calendar at http://events.webster.edu. To learn more about how to donate to the University, visit http://www.webster.edu/giving/.


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