Faculty Films Appearing in Festivals around the World

| November 7, 2013

There’s no need to click on Netflix when you’re looking for an interesting movie to watch – just head over to the Webster University School of Communications. From fiction to documentaries to animation, professors are getting international attention in all film genres.

Jorge Oliver, an associate professor in the film production department; Chris Sagovac, an assistant professor in animation; and Charlie Anderson, a visiting assistant professor in film production, have each produced films that are appearing in a number of international film festivals.

“We teach students about the process of creating a film but it’s important for them to remember that the process doesn’t end with the final edit,” said Oliver. “You want people to see your work and experience what you’ve created. Getting a film into a festival is the best way to develop an audience.”

Read about these professors’ films and where they are appearing — from Cuba to the United Kingdom — in this story at webster.edu.

Embedded above: The trailer for Oliver’s “Free to Love”


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