‘My Webster’ Policy Updates: Vacation Accrual, Timesheets

| November 4, 2013

Last week’s post on the new “My Webster” automated payroll and human resources system outlined the fall and early winter launch. Over the last few weeks, Human Resources and Finance staff have also been meeting with departments, schools and colleges and with University leadership to outline some of the major features of My Webster. Along with launching this new system also comes the need to adjust policies and processes due to the automation of payroll and benefits themselves.

A complete outline of the policy updates, effective Jan. 1, 2014, will be shared soon. However, in consideration of vacation time accrual and planning purposes through the end of the calendar year, all full-time staff should be aware of the following important change:

Vacation Time for Full-Time Staff

It will no longer be necessary to use earned vacation time in excess of 10 days by year-end, Dec. 31, 2013, due to the required forfeiture you would have had for those additional days. The term “carryover” is essentially eliminated effective Jan. 1, 2014.

At any given time, you will be able to have a balance of up to five weeks of vacation. Once you have reached five weeks of accrued vacation, you will no longer earn vacation time until you take time away for a vacation. Staff will be encouraged to plan ahead with their supervisor and use at least half of their vacation time annually.

My Webster is set up to operate on an accrual basis, so vacation time will now be available at the end of each pay period, instead of awarded in one lump sum at the beginning of each calendar year. The current policy states that employees are awarded 1/12 of their annual accrual each month; however, our technology gap prevented us to administer in this way.

We understand that employees have come to expect this approach. So, to facilitate the transition to this process in 2014, staff will be able to borrow up to two weeks of vacation time in advance. As it currently stands, should you leave the University, any borrowed time will need to be paid back to the University.

Time & Attendance

The “My TIME” function will be used by salaried and hourly staff and hourly student employees, as well as all those individuals who supervise them.

As such, the functionality My Webster offers varies depending upon the role(s) of each employee.

Hourly employees will be able to use time stamping to record start and end times and to view timesheets containing work schedules, total worked and non-worked time. This will replace manual timesheets.

Hourly students who have federal work study awards will see a running balance on hours worked in comparison to your annual award.

Schedules will be maintained on all employees for the point of reference for worked and non-worked time.

Additional Features

All staff will be able to view earned and used benefit time, such as vacation, sick or personal days. Where possible, time off requests will be submitted in advance for supervisor approval and will update your schedule so the information is already there when the pay period starts. This replaces manual timesheets as well as manual monthly exception forms.

Additionally, full-time benefit eligible employees will be able to view and update your benefit elections and costs, see your coverage options, view and update those you have covered on your plans, see your life insurance volumes and your beneficiaries.  Next year, our annual benefits enrollment will be conducted on My Webster.

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  1. Tammy Burke says:

    So the “rollover” will apply to left over days from 2013? They will carryover to 2014 and be added to the 1/12 amounts we will acquire?

    • Christine Eason says:

      That is correct. You can accrue and carry over up to 25 days of vacation before you will stop accruing any vacation time, period. Sick leave accrual is unlimited.