‘My Webster’ Automated Payroll/HR System Coming Soon

| October 25, 2013

Earlier this month, all U.S.-based employees received an e-mail announcement from Greg Gunderson, vice president and chief financial officer; and Betsy Schmutz, associate vice president and chief human resources officer; updating the community on plans to automate payroll and human resources functions.

Plans to do so by the December holiday break are moving forward. The new system, called “My Webster,” will offer several enhancements, including:

  • The system will house payroll records, employment benefits and eliminate the need for filling out many paper forms.
  • Managers and administrators will enjoy the ease of viewing improved operational data and both supervisors and hourly employees will see the convenience, efficiency and accuracy of electronic timekeeping.
  • All employees will view their pay stub online (replacing the current view in Connections) and have the opportunity to update personal and pay-related information.

The My Webster system will be powered by ADP and is a business standard, successfully implemented and globally embraced in nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike.

Upcoming: Training Sessions, Policy Updates

Over the coming weeks, the components of My Webster will be introduced along with the resulting changes we can anticipate in processes and, where applicable, policy, largely due to the automation, efficiencies and robust functionality My Webster offers.

Along with this increased convenience and functionality comes increased accountability and responsibility for Webster University employees. The rules-based system will require more consistency, adherence to policy, response to deadlines, reduction in exceptions, and streamlined processes. Look for specific policy information in forthcoming updates on this transition.

Training opportunities will be available in laboratory and virtual formats to accommodate different schedules and work needs. These training sessions will be based on employees’ specific job roles — for “super users” and technical support personnel within each department; for managers and supervisors; for student employees; and hourly employee and salaried employees.

Stay tuned for future updates on training, policy and rollout information as this process advances.

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