Snapshots: BFA Students Camp in Line for Art Review Placement

| September 27, 2013
BFA students

Webster BFA students, bright eyed and coffee in hand this morning on the Hunt House porch. Left to right: Saylor Surkamp, Aaron Nandor, Zach Lamming, Brooke Wandling, Megan Doherty, Christine Dohr, Alex Povis, Hannah Detring and Natalie Rea.

Several bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) senior students spent Thursday night on the Hunt House porch or arrived early Friday morning. The student camp-out was held in order to be first in line when the Department of Art staff arrived in the morning, to sign-up for the perfect spot to display their art work for their BFA Review.

This review, which takes place Friday, Oct. 4, is an important step for these seniors, determining if they will be accepted into the next level within the BFA program. These students said that it’s important to have just the right location to display their work and agreed that spending the night will be worth it.


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