Quilt Created by Student Leaders Commemorates 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

| August 28, 2013

The four-foot square commemorative quilt is currently on display in the University Center.

A student-made quilt commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington was placed on display today in the University Center. The quilt project grew out of the Spring 2013 Emerging Leaders Retreat.

The Emerging Leaders Retreat (ELR) happens each January, and is a hallmark program of WebsterLEADS, the University’s undergraduate leadership development program. The ELR and targets student leaders who are new to Webster (mostly freshmen and sophomores)and have the potential to grow into student leadership roles at the University. This retreat is one of the components that students can apply to their pursuit of the Leadership Certificate, which is the ultimate outcome of a student’s affiliation with WebsterLEADS.

On Jan. 19-20, 42 Webster University student leaders participated in the 17th Annual Emerging Leaders Retreat (ELR). Aware that 2013 would mark the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the retreat participants studied Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech and discussed what implications it had for them as student leaders at Webster.

As a culminating project from this retreat, the students collaborated to create something to  commemorates this important moment of the civil rights movement in the United States. Each student leader contributed a swatch to a quilt representing their answer to the following question: “As a global citizen, what will be my contribution to continuing the vision Dr. King represents in his ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech?'”

The quilt representing their collective answers will be on display in the University Center through Friday, Aug. 30, and then will be part of the WebsterLEADS booth at the Involvement Fair on Wednesday,  Sept. 4.

“As the ELR participants viewed and studied Martin Luther King’s iconic speech and then completed this quit project, I was struck by how meaningful the speech was to everyone at the retreat fifty years later,” said associate dean of students John Buck.

“His message still resonates deeply with young leaders today, and international students attending the ELR shared how Dr. King was not only well known in the U.S. — he is also well-known worldwide. His impact, then and now, was truly global, and so his example is a great one to learn from as we work to develop global citizens for the future right here.”

42 Webster University student leaders participated in the 17th Annual Emerging Leaders Retreat

Forty-two Webster student leaders participated in the 17th Annual Emerging Leaders Retreat.

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