New Media: SOC Class and Nine Network Focus on Affordable Care Act

| August 28, 2013


Webster communications students integrate theory and practice in new media and social engagement in the production of The Nine Network’s ‘Stay Tuned’ show. [Photo courtesy: Jason Winkeler/The Nine Network]

A new crop of students in this year’s New Media and Social Engagement class are stepping out of the classroom and into the television studio by working with The NineNetwork of Public Media to produce the live weekly broadcast, “StayTuned.”

“Stay Tuned,” has a town hall format and discusses a single issue each week with a host, guests, a studio audience and additional video segments. However, the show differs from traditional town hall formats by incorporating social media into the broadcast.

Each live episode of “Stay Tuned” focuses on a topic and uses television, Twitter, Facebook and Google+Hangouts to discuss the subject. The show invites community members and experts to discuss the topic in studio while audience members watch and discuss on social media.

The episode airing at 9 p.m. CDT on Thursday, Aug. 28, is focused on how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacts young adults. In addition to the School of Communications students participating in the show, SOC alumna Marie Enger will be a featured interview.

In describing the program, the St. Louis Beacon/Nine Network says: “We’ll be talking about how many decisions in the lives of young adults are directly related to their healthcare needs — financially, professionally, etc., and how the ACA might play a role. For many the ACA means health care for those who may be no longer covered under their parents’ insurance, others fear that their insurance premiums will be raised to pay for others’ insurance.”

The network is looking for pre-show thoughts and questions about the ACA, many of which will be asked and shared during the broadcast on Thursday. To share your thoughts and questions, click here for the survey.


For more information about the New Media and Social Engagement class, see this Webster Today post.


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