Tom Janke Announces Retirement from Central Florida Region

| June 14, 2013

Tom Janke

Thomas (Tom) Janke announces his retirement from the position of regional director for Central Florida at the end of June 2013.

Janke has served as regional director, based in Orlando, since 1997. He began his career with Webster University as an adjunct practitioner and faculty coordinator with the San Antonio, Texas campus prior to moving to Florida.

As regional director, he acted as the official agent on behalf of the University to the Commission for Independent Education for the State of Florida. In addition, Janke was instrumental in the opening of new campuses in Florida, including Ocala, Lakeland, Tampa/St. Petersburg and Sarasota.

Janke was also active in the classroom, often teaching the capstone courses.  Working with his teams across the state, he served as an advocate for students and faculty in the Sunshine State to assure quality experiences in the classroom.

He will be missed by his colleagues at Webster University, who wish him well in his future endeavors.

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  1. Lee Trovas says:

    Best wishes to you, Tom, in retirement. I will always remember first meeting you in St. Louis 30 some years ago, when you gave a great inspirational presentation to all attending faculty.
    “know your stuff,know who you are stuffing, and stuff it!”
    Best regards
    Lee Trovas
    Colorado Springs

    • Barbra Breslauer says:

      You will be greatly missed. Good luck in your future endeavors whatever they may be.

  2. Cristina Echeverry says:

    From the moment I met Dr. Janke (AKA Papa Duck), I knew that I was in the presence of greatness. He is a very charismatic leader and has always given his support towards goal attainment. I have never met anyone so smart who was so “down to earth”. His heart is big and encourages the success of others. Simply stated, Dr. Janke is someone I will always look up to and admire. I wish him a happy retirement and hope that he knows how much he will be missed by his Webster Family. “Para arriba, Para abajo, Para el centro, Para dentro!”

    All the best,

    Tina Echeverry
    Greater Jacksonville Campuses

  3. Karen Fudala says:

    Best wishes for a GREAT retirement!

  4. Deborah Straubinger says:

    We will miss you and appreciate all you have done for Webster and our students in Central Florida.

  5. Francine Case says:

    Tom enjoy your retirement. You (too) will always be part of the Webster history & family-
    Best wishes,
    Francine Case
    Office of Academic Affairs

  6. Nanette Cazier says:

    Best Wishes on your retirement.
    And Dr. Janke we still don’t offer surfing classes at the Merritt Island campus.
    I will miss your sense of humor.

  7. Sheri Chejlyk says:

    Dr. Janke, you will be missed. We always enjoyed your stories at faculty meetings. I also learned a lot about white and black socks. <3 And I will never forget our trip to Belle Glade for graduation. Will you?
    Wishing you much joy and peace in this new phase of your life.
    You made Webster a better place,
    Sheri Chejlyk
    Sarasota Metropolitan Campus

  8. Dr. Janke, aka Papa Duck: The Florida Region will not be the same without you and you will be sorely missed. I remember as if it were yesterday when I came to interview for the position of Office Manager for the Jacksonville Greater Campuses. Wow, five years sure has gone by fast! Thank you for taking me under your wing in the very beginning and showing me the ropes. I will always appreciate your support and that vote of confidence you had in me. Many thanks for all you have done for our Region. Best wishes for a very happy retirement.