Around Webster: Stringer on Liechtenstein; Krajcovic on Feminism and Leadership; Hyman on Climate Change

| June 12, 2013

Recent professional news about Webster University community members includes:


Stringer’s paper explores the soft power efforts of small states to achieve national interests on the world stage.

Stringer Compares Small-State Behavior to Corporate Strategy and Branding

Kevin D. Stringer, chair of Business & Technology programs at the Webster University Geneva campus, published a research paper entitled, “Sovereign Liechtenstein: The Soft Power Projection of a Very Small State” with The Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

With support from the Liechtenstein Embassy in Washington D.C., Stringer’s paper explores the economic, diplomatic and nation-branding efforts of Liechtenstein on the world stage with particular emphasis on its use of soft power. According to Stringer, given their size, states like Liechtenstein exhibit behaviors similar to corporate companies in both strategy and branding. View the paper here.

Krajcovic Presents with Daughter

Katherine Krajcovic and Daphne Slade have formed quite the mother-daughter team. Daphne just completed her freshman year at Webster in Women and Gender Studies, while her mother, Webster’s director of operations in Enrollment & Student Affairs, is active in women’s leadership issues, leading workshops and teaching on women in management in the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology.

Together, the two will co-present at the Society for Educating Women international conference in St. Louis at the end of July. Their topic: “Raising Awareness About Feminism and Leadership By Leveraging Generation Relevant Stories and Perspectives to Identify Inclusive Solutions.”

Separately, Krajcovic recently spoke at the business fashion show atĀ Urban League St. Louis headquarters. Donations from Macy’s, Walmart and Webster University gave participant an opportunity to “shop off the rack” later in the day, while Krajcovic and other facilitators served as a panel offering resume assistance and interviewing tips to attendees.

Hyman Chronicles Climate Change


Adjunct photography professor Randall Hyman is currently on a four-month solo project in the Norwegian Arctic as a Fulbright Scholar chronicling the effects of climate change on science, technology, culture and tourism in the Arctic Ocean.

He traveled to Austria last week as a guest of Karl Franzens-University of Graz and the Fulbright Intercountry Lecturer Program to deliver a paper and multimedia show as well as to serve as a panelist at a two-day symposium, “Visual Cultures: From the Local to the Global.”

The symposium focused on the subliminal power of symbols and imagery in society. Hyman’s topic was the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which he retraced several years ago from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean for American History Magazine, and his focus was the role of the photojournalist in shaping public opinion by debunking or reinforcing cultural myths.

Hyman is an adjunct professor in the School of Education, where he teaches COMM 5790: Photography, a course he designed and developed for Webster University three years ago. His current project in the Arctic can be viewed at:



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