Webster Wellness 1st Quarter Results for 2013 Employee Reimbursement Program

| May 3, 2013

Webster Wellness reimbursed 21 faculty and 44 staff applicants in the first quarter of 2013 for a total reimbursement of close to $6,700. Employees who completed their applications and submitted receipts and confirmation of their participation were able to see this reimbursement on their pay stubs.

As the final overall awarded amount was less than the $7,500 per quarter budget, the difference will be available for payment to those who qualify for the secondquarter reimbursement.

All employees who are members of UnitedHealthcare are strongly encouraged to submit an application for the second quarter today. The deadline for applications, including receipts and participation documentation, is Sunday, July 7, 2013.

Webster Wellness introduced the program in January to reimburse employees 50 percent of the cost of their memberships and/or events occurring each quarter in 2013, not to exceed $150 each quarter, through the use of $30,000 in UnitedHealthcare Wellness Credits available only in 2013.

This program provides financial support to faculty and staff for wellness activities that they are initiating for themselves and their families. Examples include fitness club memberships, personal training, Weight Watchers membership, a GO! St. Louis 5k walk/run and similar memberships and events.

Webster Wellness is able to reimburse most employees who apply and provide all required documentation; however there is no guarantee of reimbursement, due to the limitation in funding. Additionally, the reimbursements are prioritized so that employees who have never received a reimbursement from Webster Wellness previously, considered “new adopters,” will be considered first each quarter.

See more detailed information under Events/Programs on the Webster Wellness blog. If you have questions, contact wellness@webster.edu or any member of the Webster Wellness Committee.

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