Mile-By-Mile Marathon Results

| April 24, 2013

Congratulations to the 114 participants in the 2013 Mile-by-Mile Marathon with GO! St. Louis, sponsored by Webster Staff Alliance and Webster Wellness. Over a six-week period, 76 participants walked 4,158.5 miles, exceeding the goal of 26.2 miles.

For meeting the goal, the following participants received a certificate of recognition and medal along with their event t-shirt as well as a chance to win one of four grand prize FitBit Trackers. The winners of the FitBits are: Ryan Elliott (Development Office), Stanley Helm (SpaceCoast), Meg Lawrence (Collections) and Don Morris (Registrar’s Office).

We also had some special recognition for outstanding effort:

Top Overall Mileage Achieved

1st Place  – Linda Woolf (Faculty, Behavioral and Social Sciences), 212.32 miles

2nd Place – Vince Stovall (Staff, Fort Jackson), 203.47 miles

3rd Place – Dian Davitt (Faculty, Nursing), 194.4 miles


Faculty Top Miles – Running

1st Place – Eric Goedereis (Behavioral and Social Sciences), 71.38 miles

2nd Place – Mary Preuss (College of Arts & Sciences), 34.8 miles


Faculty Top Miles – Walking

1st Place – Stanley Helm (SpaceCoast), 135 miles

2nd Place – Carolyn Trachtova (International Language & Culture), 26.2 miles


Staff Top Miles – Running

1st Place – Ryan Elliott (Development), 109.68 miles

2nd Place – Tamara Gegg-LaPlume (Career Services), 109.35 miles

3rd Place – Gladys Smith (Counseling & Life Development), 85.5 miles


Staff Top Miles – Walking

1st Place  – Larry Haffner (Old Post Office), 160.5 miles

2nd Place – Cheri Blumenkamp (Development), 85 miles

3rd Place – Emily Curl (Memphis), 71 miles


Staff Top Miles – Other Cardio

1st Place – Toni Moll (Registrar’s Office), 67.39 miles

2nd Place – Alyce Herndon (Old Post Office), 51.68 miles

3rd Place – Melanie Gottlieb (Admissions), 43.39


Congratulations again for participating and continuing to pursue your wellness goals!


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