Webster Launches Single, Centralized Qualtrics Platform for Research across Institution

| March 22, 2013

Webster University is launching a University-wide, web-based survey software package — Qualtrics — for use by faculty, staff and students worldwide, accessible simply by logging in through Connections.

The University community has been using various surveying tools for years when conducting opinion research on anything from: who we’ll vote for, the extent we enjoy campus dining, the size of our carbon footprint or whether we’ll be attending Homecoming festivities. Currently, individuals and departments are purchasing a wide variety of subscriptions and licenses for products with limited surveying features while receiving limited University support.

Ken Freeman, vice president and chief information officer, agrees with Qualtrics in that, increasingly, colleges and universities are adopting a single, centralized technology platform to facilitate global research across the institution.  “This institutional approach not only reduces costs,” Freeman says, “but also makes it easier for faculty to drive the data collection and analysis at the heart of their work while maintaining their autonomy.”

Those currently using other survey software will need to rebuild their surveys using the Qualtrics system. [Please note: The purchase of IT equipment including but not limited to hardware, software, licenses (e.g. Survey Monkey), etc. is restricted to Information Technology, per the Webster University Procurement Policy]. However, once those surveys are rebuilt, data can be uploaded as an Excel file into Qualtrics so that the data can be associated with the survey.

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See Webster’s Information Technology Qualtrics guidelines and procedures for policy and support information or read FAQ’s on Webster’s Qualtrics service page. Visit Qualtrics for a quick introduction to the software, helpful tutorials and more.

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