Webster Offers Military Tuition Assistance Protection (MTAP) Plan

| March 14, 2013
Tuition Assistance for Military Students

Webster is offering grants to replace the tuition assistance military students have lost amid sequestration-related cuts.

Webster University seeks to continue serving our military students who have suffered from sequestration budget cuts in TA by offering replacement funds for all Webster University students eligible to receive Department of Defense Tuition Assistance whose TA has been suspended.  Webster University’s Tuition Assistance Protection Program (MTAP) provides TA relief effective immediately.

Military services suspended tuition assistance programs as a result of sequestration. Members of the military were informed that new applications for tuition assistance will not be accepted due to the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that went into effect on March 1, 2013. Thousands of service members take advantage of the tuition assistance program, which allows them to take college courses that prepare them for their jobs in the military and for their transition to the civilian workforce.

The MTAP plan details:

  • Eligibility:  All TA-eligible Webster University students currently seeking degrees in both Graduate and Undergraduate programs (in-class or online)
  • Applicable Terms:  Spring II (18 Mar-10 May 2013) and Summer (6 Jun-29 Jul 2013) (MTAP will terminate when TA is reinstated)
  • Grants up to $250/credit hour (TA equivalent) to replace suspended DoD TA funds Reimburses current Webster military students who have already paid for their courses with their own monies due to suspension of TA
  • MTAP does NOT affect civilian TA or federal contractor students

“We are proud to serve our service members at this crucial time,” said Brig. Gen. Mike Callan, USAF (Ret), Webster University associate vice president for Military and Governmental Programs. “We don’t want them to have to interrupt their studies due to the lost TA payment, and this is the least we can do to help them when they do so much for us.”

This grant can be used for undergraduate or graduate classes – both in class and online at any Webster University location, including our 39 military locations. Grants will be given for Spring II, which begins on March 18, and for the Summer term, unless the military tuition assistance is reinstated. When the military tuition assistance is reinstated, the Webster MTAP Plan will cease. Students interested in pursuing Webster’s MTAP plan should contact the Webster location of choice.

For full details and background on Webster’s service to service members, read the University news release announcing this new initiative.


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