In the News: Judge Edwards on ‘Tavis Smiley Reports’ March 26

| March 7, 2013


The Hon. Judge Jimmie Edwards, adjunct faculty member in Legal Studies in the Webster University College of Arts & Sciences, will appear on the PBS broadcast of Tavis Smiley Reports: “Education Under Arrest” on Tuesday, March 26, at 7 p.m. Central.

Judge Edwards is the founder of the Innovative Concept Academy in St. Louis and the recipient of People Magazine’s Hero of the Year Award, 2011.

Tavis Smiley Reports:  “Education Under Arrest”

In “Education Under Arrest,” Smiley travels to Washington State, Louisiana, Missouri and California, speaking to experts like Edwards, who believes the zero-tolerance policy is not the best route. “Locking up an 11-year-old in jail for any length of time doesn’t make sense for him, for his family and certainly not for his community,” Edwards says.

Smiley met with others who are seeking reform, including Los Angeles Unified Superintendent John Deasy and education advocate Charlaine DeWindt, individuals committed to making sure the students stay engaged, stay in school and away from the courts, and have a promising future. Smiley also talks to young law students from Stand Up for Each Other, an organization staffed by Loyola and Tulane University law students, that advocates on behalf of the kids who have been expelled from their schools.


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