Spring/Summer 2013 Global Hybrid Courses Registration Deadline: March 1

| February 20, 2013
Webster Univeristy Global Hybrid Course

Join classmates you’ve been studying with online over the term…

“Hybrid courses” are an exciting opportunity for students to combine the learning opportunities of immersive travel without being taken away from home or work for the long term.

Webster University Global Hybrid Courses

…and commence an immersion experience you’ll never forget. (Webster students in Istanbul, Turkey, 2012)

The George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology’s Global Hybrid Courses offer students opportunities to explore global business, technology or management issues with online coursework, plus on-site company visits, guest lectures and cultural activities. A perfect fit for busy students, the Spring/Summer courses are typically composed of six weeks of online work with a five- to six-day travel component.

Registration is due by Friday, March 1, for the following Spring/Summer 2013 Global Hybrid Courses:

  • Global IT Development (with travel to Bangkok, Thailand, May 20-24)
  • Leadership for Global Citizenship (with travel to London, England, May 20-24)
  • Issues in International Business – Global Issues: Japan (with travel to Tokyo, Japan, May 20-25)
  • Information Technology in E-Commerce, a Global Perspective (with travel to Beijing, China, May 27-31)
  • A History of Financial Crisis: From Tulips to Housing to the Euro (with travel to New York, N.Y., July 29 – Aug. 2)

Anne Browning, program director in the Walker School of Business, says the Walker Global Hybrid Course schedule allows students to visit diverse locations in a variety of disciplines. “These courses give students an inside look at how business is done around the world,” Browning says. “The short time frame allows working students to gain international experience and often sparks a desire to travel even more.”

Walker Global Hybrid Courses meet the travel experience requirement for the new MBA – Global Track and updated MA in International Business programs. Global Hybrid Courses can be used as electives with most business majors, with a $1,000 scholarship, the Walker Travel Award, available for qualified students to help with the travel costs associated with these courses.

The overwhelmingly positive response from past students demonstrates the far-reaching value of Global Hybrid Courses. As one student explained, “The experience was amazing. Not only could we experience life in China, but we could also see how this country combines tradition and the modern world.”

Faculty members also enthused about the experience, remarking, “Global Hybrid Courses allow faculty to relate theory to real life applications and go and observe how it’s done.”

Course schedules and more information about the Walker Travel Award can be found at webster.edu/walkeraward. Questions and registration assistance can also be directed to Anne Browning at annebrowning15@webster.edu or 314-246-8236.


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