UPDATE: SOC Brown Bag Lunch Rescheduled for April 18

| February 18, 2013


UPDATE: The School of Communication Brown Bag lunch, “Soap Operas, Latent and Manifest Messages for Public Health,” originally scheduled Feb. 21 and cancelled due to the University snow closing, has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 18, at noon in the UC Presentation Room.

“In the U.S., soap operas are considered the lowest level of media, with all the bad behavior, absurd plot twists and relentless melodrama,” says communications and journalism professor Kit Jenkins, who will lead the discussion.

“That may be, but they also mimic real life in that they take forever to resolve a problem and are not structured in the one-hour, four-act format,” Jenkins continues. “They seem endless, just like the lives of many of their devoted fans.

“In the rest of the world, however, soap operas are a prime delivery system for public health messages, from safe sex to safe drinking water. In this talk, I’ll describe the foundation of this soap opera format and give you some examples of its usage. You won’t think of soaps in the same way ever again.”

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