In the News: Webster Chess a Hit; Rishe Analyzes NHL Lockout

| January 9, 2013

Recent news media coverage involving Webster University includes:

Webster Chess Success in the News

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Deborah Peterson opined on the top-ranked chess team at Webster University. Citing their recent success at the Pan American championship, Peterson mentioned the team’s eight grandmasters and added: “Of note is that it didn’t cost the taxpayers of St. Louis city or county or the state of Missouri anything to bring the chess champs here. Hear that, NCAA?” … Separately, the St. Louis Business Journal highlighted Webster team’s recent coverage in The New York Times.

Webster’s chess team and Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence were also recently featured in an eight-page spread by Schach, the top German chess magazine.

Rishe on the NHL Lockout

Webster University associate professor of business and sports economist Patrick Rishe was asked to assess the end of the NHL lockout. In the Los Angeles Times, Rishe called the tussle a clear win for the league’s owners, though he said the NHLPA came out better than expected. In the Post-Dispatch, Rishe says expect hockey fans to return without too much backlash.


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