Webster University Awarded Coca-Cola Campus Bin Grant

| November 19, 2012

Sophomore Dylan Zukswert empties a week’s worth of items from his dorm room Coca-Cola recycling bin.

This fall, individual dorm rooms in West and Maria Halls were furnished with portable, six-gallon multi-recycler bins – in bright Coca-Cola red – as part of a joint program between Keep America Beautiful (KAB), the College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC), and Coca Cola.

Webster University received 280 bins, which have been placed in the dorms as part of a comprehensive program to build awareness about sustainability and recycling on campus.

Facilities Recycling team members, with help from Sodexho staffers, are tracking the amount of waste and recyclables collected in West and Maria Halls. Those numbers will be compared with data from East Hall, which only collects recyclable material in large bins in the trash and recycling rooms on each floor.

Differences in the respective waste streams will inform campus-wide strategies to increase the amount of reusable waste material that ends up in recycling facilities instead of landfills.

 Caitlin Zera is a student employee in the Facilities office who is working toward a degree in Film Production at Webster. As a strong proponent of sustainable initiatives on campus, she identified this grant opportunity and developed Webster’s application.

“Expanding recycling opportunities at Webster University is an on-going goal for our recycling program, and we’re continually encouraged by student, faculty, staff, and administrative participation and excitement,” says Zera. “Being supported in our efforts to increase recycling in living areas on campus through this grant is truly rewarding and is an essential component in our work to meet this goal.”

Webster’s chief financial officer Greg Gunderson is also proud to have external support for initiatives that are close to Webster’s heart. “Every Delegates’ Agenda reminds us that Webster students care very much about sustainability issues, and this effort reflects our President’s and Provost’s commitment to sustainability,” says Gunderson. “It’s important that our campus reflects these values, and we are proud to have a Bin Grant to support them too.”

CURC is a non-profit organization providing technical resources and networking opportunities to campus-based recycling and sustainability managers. The bins serve as a direct incentive for campuses and communities to expand recycling programs beyond curbside collection.

Grants were awarded on a competitive basis to applicants that demonstrated how their proposal will lead to sustainable recycling. The program benefits communities by nurturing sustainable grassroots efforts to increase beverage container recovery.

Colleges and universities are targeted because they are, effectively, small cities that generate large numbers of cans and bottles and offer an opportunity to encourage recycling at a time when many students are developing lifelong habits. The Campus Bin Grant supports higher education’s efforts to implement and expand recycling programs that address long term recycling participation.

The Campus Bin Grant is part of a larger Bin Grant Program that awards recycling bins directly to recipients and leverages volume buying discounts. In its seven years of operation, the Bin Grant Program has placed 29,000 recycling bins in over 500 communities in 48 states and the District of Columbia. A full list of 2012 Bin Grant recipients and further information about the grant program can be found at http://bingrant.org/.


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