Explore Short-Term Study Abroad Nov. 27: Walker Global Hybrid Course FAQ Webinar

| November 19, 2012
Webster Univeristy Global Hybrid Course

Short-term study abroad courses tailored for busy working professionals: Meet up with classmates you’ve been engaging online all term long…

Webster University Global Hybrid Courses

…and commence an immersion experience you’ll never forget.

Thinking about taking a Walker Global Hybrid Course, but have lots of questions?

Join representatives from Advising and the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology for a webinar Nov. 27 to answer questions on these unique travel courses, which offer unmatched educational experiences — and are designed to fit a working professional’s busy schedule.

You could be like Linzey Cortner, who recently raved about her Walker Global Hybrid experience in Turkey:

“For six weeks, eight other students and I met up online to discuss the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the Middle East. Then may came and we met each other in person for the first time in Istanbul!

“The next week’s itinerary was a perfect balance of learning about the culture, the country and the economy. We met business men and women from every point of the marketing spectrum…from the markets to the large corporations. We toured several companies, including a sit-down meeting with the CEO of General Electric. We immersed in the culture … learning and sharing our insight into management in the Middle East.

“We all have a passion and a desire in life. All it takes is a spark to ignite us, and for me it has been this experience.”

Your Questions, Answered

In the Nov. 27 webinar, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • How does a Global Hybrid Course fit into your degree program?
  • How can you pay for the travel expenses?
  • Can you take a graduate Global Hybrid Course as an undergraduate?
  • How will your military benefits apply to the program fee?
  • How do you apply for the Walker Travel Award?

Your participation is encouraged — all questions are welcome.

Walker Global Hybrid Course 101
FAQ Webinar
Tuesday, November 27
5 p.m. CST
Register for the webinar here.

Sponsored by the Walker Global Hybrid Course program. Designed for working professionals, six weeks of online coursework combined with a one-week trip create the academic experience of your lifetime.  


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