Shapshots: ‘Countdown to Election 2012’ Panel

| November 1, 2012

Countdown to Election Panel 2012: from left, Gloria Ross, Christopher Ave, Gwyneth Williams, Susan Hegger and Don Corrigan

A Wednesday noon-time panel tackled a variety of topics related to the upcoming Missouri state and national elections. Sponsored by the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis, the event was part of Media Literacy Week. Sverdrup Room 101 was packed with an audience of journalism students, faculty, staff and other visitors.

Panelists included: journalism professor Don Corrigan, editor of the Webster-Kirkwood Times; Christopher Ave, political editor for the St Louis Post-Dispatch; and Susan Hegger, political and issues editor, St. Louis Beacon. Gwyneth Williams professor of History, Politics and International Relations, moderated the discussion. Also participating was Gloria Ross from the Press Club who introduced the panel and participated in the Q&A discussion.

During a discussion on the voter ID issue, Christopher Ave made the point that voter registration irregularities are more of a problem than voter fraud.

The panel emphasized the importance of turn out in the upcoming elections, which are expected to be very close. The impact of social media on journalism, as well as maintaining journalistic ethics in social media was also discussed.

“If you are a journalist writing on Twitter, you are writing a one-sentence story and publishing it, whether you are aware of that or not,” said Christopher Ave, speaking to the students. “Be aware that it’s not good to express your personal opinion if you are a journalist.”

Don Corrigan added, “Objectivity is more and more out the window, because of FOX and MSNBC, and now because of Social Media and Twitter.”

He also noted that the “The commentators on MSNBC’s Morning Joe may have it right now. They say media people have opinions and they should not pretend that they don’t, but they should still make an honest attempt to be fair and balanced in their reporting, whatever their opinions.”

A large group turned out for the event in Sverdrup 101.



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