In the News: IT Investment; Vautravers on Mali; Human Rights Speaker on KSDK

| November 1, 2012

Recent news media coverage of Webster University includes:

Webster’s $1 million investment in information technology infrastructure upgrades — most visibly, the recently relaunched University website — garnered coverage in the St. Louis Business Journal, as did the launch of the undergraduate degree program in mobile computing.

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Alexandre Vautravers, head of International Relations at Webster’s campus in Geneva, was a guest on “CrossTalk,” a world affairs program on Russia’s RT cable network, to discuss the situation in Mali and the possibilities for intervention. Vautravers has also spoken about Mali on French and Qatari TV.

Says Vautravers:

“The situation in Northern Mali is more than just a local or national issue. It has arisen, at least in part, because of the chaos resulting from the overthrow of the Khadafy regime in Libya, making weapons and armed groups available to take over portions of neighboring Mali. At the same time, the authoritarian and successful campaign waged by the Boutefika Government against Al Qaeda and fundamentalist groups in Algeria, have pressed these organizations to find refuge in Mali, where the local government is unable to subdue them, or even control its national borders.”

Watch the full clip of his appearance on “CrossTalk” below:


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Greg Constantine, the photojournalist who spoke on campus Oct. 29 as part of Webster’s 2012-13 Year of International Human Rights: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Stateless Persons, was interviewed on NBC TV affiliate KSDK in advance of his talk at Webster. In the clip, Constantine discusses the plight of “stateless people.”

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