Sept. 2012 Employees of the Month

| September 27, 2012

Michelle Lynch, coordinator, Academic Affairs, and Rosemarie Rankin, office manager, Fort Bliss, Texas, are the September 2012 Employees of the Month.


Michelle Lynch‘s nominator says she has a knack for dealing with difficult situations in a way that’s effective and cohesive with Webster’s mission.

“She puts the students first, and her demeanor and attitude are always pleasant and compassionate.”

“Michelle simply rocks. I believe she is an asset to her department and to Webster University at large.”

Michelle has been with the Academic Affairs office at Webster University for four years. “I enjoy assisting our students and working with our administration,” she says. “I am lucky because I get to experience working with both in my current role.”

“Webster is a place filled with people I consider to be my friends,” Michelle adds. “You won’t find a person at Webster who is not welcoming and helpful. I’m proud to work here with people whose common goal is to help our students succeed.”

Michelle chose a day off with pay as her prize.

Rosemarie Rankin has been with Webster 23 years. Her nominator says Rosemarie’s performance, especially this past academic year, has been exceptional.

“Rosemarie devised a number of new procedures that improved office administration tremendously,” says the nominator. These include a workbook for new counseling program advisors and arranging a  special training workshop to train them on the policies and procedures.

Rosemarie was instrumental in ensuring that VA certifications and re-certifications of all students were error free this year. As the point of contact for newly hired personnel and faculty, Rosemarie has the responsibility for making sure that syllabi are correct and posted early, schedules are accurate, and operations run smoothly and efficiently.

“Under her direction, we obtained two new office areas for our advisors, which could not have been done by anyone else,” says the nominator. “Her work ethic is beyond reproach and she is the engine that keeps Fort Bliss on track.

“‘Exceptional employee’ and ‘exceptional work’ are two phrases that define Rosemare Rankin.”

Asked what she enjoys most about her job, Rosemarie simply responds, “Helping the soldiers and students.”

Rosemarie chose a day off with pay as her prize.







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