CX (CARS) Server Hardware Upgrade Project

| September 13, 2012

The CX (CARS) Server Hardware Upgrade is a two-month project to replace outdated CX server hardware at risk for system failure with newer-technology hardware, providing a more reliable and optimized system. The Hardware Upgrade project begins Monday, Sept. 17, with the Stabilization Period.

During this first of several phases, Information Technology will work behind-the-scenes to prepare the new server hardware. On Saturday, Sept. 29, CX will be temporarily unavailable while the data that resides in CX is copied. The copied data will be ported to the new server hardware and used to create an isolated testing environment in which CX testers, teams of designated Webster colleagues from various departments and campuses, will verify that CX functions properly on the new hardware.

Pending successful testing, the new environment will be updated using the latest data from the current CX system in November 2012. The new, tested CX environment will then become the working/production environment.

Although the project is expected to last two months, you should experience few impacts to your daily work. The upgrade will require two periods of CX unavailability, which are currently scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29 (8 – 11 p.m. CST), and Friday, Nov. 2, through Sunday, Nov. 4.

Otherwise, you will be able to use CX for regular business transactions, such as viewing screens and running/writing reporting with current fields throughout the stabilization period. However, no requests to change the application code, like adding fields to Impromptu or Cognos, will be approved, unless necessary to correct system errors, achieve compliance, or meet other mission-critical objectives. Such requests will be subject to a strict, change control process requiring the express approval of the CIO and the PMO Governance team.

A CX Server Hardware Upgrade site is now available. There, you can learn more about the Hardware Upgrade project, including common questions, what to expect during the stabilization period, and find regular updates as Webster works to complete this critical initiative for the University.


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