Webster University Greenville Student Saves Veteran’s Life

| September 10, 2012

Webster University student Derrick Wood, who is pursuing an MBA at Webster’s Greenville Metro campus location, helped save a veteran’s life on Interstate-85 in South Carolina. Their reunion after the event was captured by the local NBC TV news affiliate.

Lauren James, a U.S. veteran wounded through an IED explosion, began suffering a seizure while driving on the highly populated highway. Wood just happened to be leaving work late on that day and witnessed the beginnings of what could have been a fatal accident.

At highway speeds, Wood noticed James having a seizure and hitting the median. Wood was able to successfully stop James’ vehicle by pulling in front of her, slowing both cars to an eventual stop.

“Miracles happen everyday,” Wood said. “We are each other’s keeper, so we should always pay kindness forward.”

James, forever grateful for Wood’s quick thinking and kindness, told local news in Greenville that she “just wanted to give [her] hero a hug.”  Today, Derrick Wood and Lauren James treasure a new friendship forged through a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, one neither will forget.

Watch their moving story at WYFF here.


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