Stillpoint Campus Ministry: 9/11 Labyrinth Meditation, Meditation on Wednesdays

| September 10, 2012

9/11 Meditative Labyrinth Walk


Would you like a quiet way to pause and reflect on 9/11? Take 10 to 20 minutes to walk the labyrinth on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 11:30 – 1:15, in the library conference room. The labyrinth is an ancient design, common to many religions and cultures, in which a spiraling path winds into and back out from a center point. This labyrinth is a seven-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth painted on a 24-by-24-foot piece of poly canvas. The event is sponsored by Stillpoint Multi-Faith Campus Ministry.

Weekly Meditation Sessions

Slow down your day. . . Slow down your mind. . . Slow down your heart rate. . . Check out “Pause for (No) Thought: Meditation for Everyone,” on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. (usually) in library room 302. Never meditated? Come learn! Experienced? Meditate with others. Check Twitter @StillpointMCM to confirm the location and the kind of meditation we’re doing each week. Sponsored by Stillpoint Multi-Faith Campus Ministry.

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