National Capital Region Students Lead Way in CAPSIM Competition

| July 30, 2012

In a dynamic follow up to the spring semester, NCR business professor Leon Hutton led his newest group of students to success in the current CAPSIM challenge. One of the teams in this summer’s Business 6200 capstone course has led the first two rounds of the competition.

The Capsim Challenge, which occurs twice a year, allows teams to see how their business management skills and teamwork rank globally. Each team takes on the challenge of trying to revive a failing company that is going bankrupt or in a downward spiral.

Teams must keep the company out of the red, successfully launch products, manage sales, maintain employee relations and successfully work together to revive the business and see it thrive. The challenge offers each team the opportunity to use their business skills, know-how and related professional experience as a group and individuals for success.

Within the first few weeks, the team scored in the top five percent in the entire world, out of all of the current competing teams.

Congratulations to Team Andrews:

  • Jezabel Aviles
  • Robin Dillow
  • Andrea Knowles
  • Rekitah Johnson-Green
  • Krewasky Salter


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