IT Streamlining the Enterprise System Access Request Process

| July 11, 2012

Beginning July 16, the Information Technology Service Desk will be the central contact of the Enterprise Systems Access request process. At the same time, IT will introduce a new ESA Request (pdf) providing revised access types. This form is required to request faculty and staff access to CX (CARS), Novell, and other information systems. It is also required to change or remove access to these systems.

The granting of system access in a timely manner depends on thorough completion of the form. Incomplete forms will be returned and must be resubmitted with the missing information. Below is a list of key components needed in order to grant systems access to an employee:

  • Systems Access – Supervisors must indicate which systems the employee will need access to. Be sure to check all that apply.
  • CX (CARS) Personnel Record – HR, Academic Affairs, or other authorized administrative departments must input an employee record in CX (CARS) before IT can process any access requests.
  • Signatures – Supervisor signature verifies that the request has been approved. Employee Signature verifies that the user acknowledges proper use of systems and data.

For more information about the ESA form and request process, please visit the ESA Form Frequently Asked Questions page.


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