Put on a Show: Presentation Technology Upgraded in Sunnen Lounge

| July 9, 2012
Webster University - Sunnen Lounge

Upgrades include a fully functional podium equipped with microphone, Mac/PC/HDMI interface, presenter monitor, and laptop interface.

If you’ve seen a presentation in Sunnen Lounge this summer, you may have already noticed some new bells and whistles.

Through the efforts of a joint team comprised of the University Center leadership, Information Technology and our partners at Conference Technologies Inc. who performed the work, vice president of Information Technology Ken Freeman is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to the presentation technology available in the University Center’s Sunnen Lounge.

The upgrades were needed to afford both greater reliability and increased overall control and functionality. Due to the wide variety of faculty, staff, student and outside groups who depend on the Sunnen Lounge as a hub venue for events, this room was identified as a priority to the University.

This project was adopted and specifically recognized as a presentation facility critical to the overall mission of Webster University, with important impact toward achieving our goals: enhancing Webster’s reputation, enhancing local and global partnerships, better serving students, strengthening our academic programs, and investing in our human resources and infrastructure.

As of June 8, Sunnen Lounge has benefitted from the following features:

  • Upgrade from analogue to digital technology in the rack system
  • Added 4 new wireless microphones and lavaliere/clip-on microphones
  • Upgraded existing DVD/VHS to Blu-ray player
  • Upgraded Crestron touch display controller with increases in features and functionality (same functionality as in the East Academic Building)
  • Added fully functional podium equipped with microphone, Mac, PC, HDMI interface, presenter monitor, and laptop interface/connection
  • Added additional interface for Commercial Press/News reporters to connect to system
  • Upgraded and added additional ports and jacks to create three distinct location options for the speaker’s podium and increase the adaptability of Sunnen for different events.
  • Upgraded noise canceling component to not only reduce the potential for feedback but also automatically boost or lower volume control
  • Balanced speaker outputs to provide an improved optimized listening environment
  • Added the ability to seamlessly incorporate outside phone lines into the sound system to allow for group conference calls

Through collaborative projects such as this, IT intends to continue delivering projects and improvements that respond to University needs and help forge increased efficiency and service for colleagues, students and external constituents alike.

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