From Frankenstein to Fair and Factory, School of Communications Alumni in the News

| June 12, 2012

Matt Kindt

Recent updates from alumni in the Webster University School of Communications include:

Alumnus Matt Kindt recently took over the creative writing aspect of the comic, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E, available in comic shops and digitally. Kindt’s new venture is the subject of  “‘Frankenstein’ fan Matt Kindt gives the big guy a jump-start,” June 11, 2012, USA Today online.

The article quotes Kindt, who took over the job of previous scribe, Jeff Lemire: “It’s sort of fun to come up with his origin and put a new twist on it and help figure out what he’s about. I’m a fan of the book. If I wasn’t writing it, I’d be reading it…”

* * *

Also being noticed is the work of video production alumnus Phil Diehl ’10, who was involved in the promotion of the St. Louis Outsider Art Fair at the Koken Arts Factory in May — the first of its kind in the Midwest. Diehl helped start the audio/visual portion of the arts-based day program Blank Canvas Studios.

“Outsider Art is essentially art made by anyone who isn’t from a traditional arts background and who may face additional obstacles in getting their work noticed,” says Diehl.

“In our case, the event was largely backed by RHD-Missouri, a local non profit that helps adults labeled developmentally disabled to express themselves via a wide array of mediums. Then, we help get their work into the community so they can make an income through their talents.”

Diehl adds that Webster alumni Rachel Kornhardt and Shana Nortonwere were also involved in the Outsider Art Fair and that several current Webster students are employed by arts-based day programs that made the art fair possible.


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