May Gallery Exhibit Travels to Geneva

| June 1, 2012

Image by Jaques Beauchamp

For the first time ever, a May Gallery Exhibit is traveling to another campus. The Jacques Beauchamp exhibition Bluescapes: Landscapes of the Mississippi Delta, on exhibit in St. Louis last fall, will be displayed at Webster Geneva June 5 – 22.

Beauchamp will give a short introduction to his work June 5 at 6.30 p.m. at the exhibition’s opening. The French born photographer teaches photography and digital imaging in France and the United States.

He worked as chairman of the Visual Communication Department at the Parsons School of Design Paris campus. His photographic illustrations have been published in more than twenty countries.

Living in France’s Loire Valley since 1998, Beauchamp shares his time between his fine art work, commissioned photographic illustrations and the transmission of his passion to the new actors of photography.

* * *

“I had gone on a quest for the landscapes that once inspired the founding fathers of the Blues. I met a people still longing for some recognition long overdue. Some traces of their memories are what I recorded on film. Since 1993, when the state of Mississippi legalized gambling, the Delta is being progressively ‘cleansed’ of many reminders of the past.”   – Jacques Moury Beauchamp


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