Snapshots: Across the Country, Webster Bikes to Work

| May 31, 2012
Webster University: Bike to Work

Family Tradition: Fort Gordon's Cassie Wilson rides to Webster on one of her father's bikes.

Webster University - Bike to Work

Robert Pampel, Admissions, gets ready for his morning commute to Webster.

Did you know that commuting 10 miles a day by bike could save you an estimated $200 per month?

The average American household spends $7,170 per year owning and driving their cars. Most trips Americans make are less than 3 miles.

A 30-minute daily bike ride is associated with significant health benefits, including better mental health, reduced deaths, fewer car accidents, and increased air quality. By riding to work, many could gain back 24 hours each year otherwise spent in rush-hour auto traffic. And 47 percent of Americans say they would like more bike facilities in their communities.

Earlier this month people celebrated National Bike To Work Week and Bike To Work Day, which was May 18 in the St. Louis region.

The Webster University Sustainability Coalition invited Webster community members to bike to work and submit photos to mark the day.

Webster University: Bike to Work

Paul Schlereth

What follows are a few selections of those who participated, and why:

‘I Need the Cardio’

“I bike to work because I need the cardio – and I have to go to work anyway.”

Paul Schlereth, adjunct faculty, Electronic/Photographic Media

‘I Like Being Outside’

“It’s incredibly difficult to take a picture while biking with an iPhone 3gs so please enjoy this pic after I arrived in the East Academic Building.

Webster University: Bike to Work

LaMonica arrives in the EAB.

“I choose to bike to work for four reasons:

  1. I like the exercise.
  2. I like being outside (my car is actually a convertible anyway)
  3. It gives me a chance to be alone with my thoughts and think about nothing else than what is going on at that moment
  4. It saves gas (my car takes premium, premium is expensive, ergo money is saved).”

Joe LaMonica, George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology

Andy Palombo, art director at Werremeyer in Webster Groves, also submitted to show people bike to work all around the University’s hometown.

Real Network Administrators Use Three Wheels

Deborah Straubinger, CRC, wrote from Florida:

Bike to Work at Webster

Bob Hecht rides in Central Florida

“Orlando Metro campuses participated in the national Bike to Work Day! Check out Network Administrator Bob Hecht ‘trike’-ing his way to work at the North Campus on the Seminole Trail! We invited our Facebook friends to send in pictures of their bike commute and share with the Webster community.”

An Avid Cyclist Getting Some Miles In

“I’m an avid cyclist and have been riding for awhile now. I often ride after I get off work, but have been finding less time to do so with additional responsibilities adding up.

“So I’ve been considering riding to work for awhile now in order to maximize my time (I have ridden to work a few times in the past). This way I can ride when I’d otherwise be driving and I can get some miles in without sacrificing other responsibilities. I thought why not try it again on National Bike to Work Day.

“I also enjoy less reliance on my car.”

–Jonathan Schlereth, Online Learning Center

Like Father, Like Daughter

Webster University: Bike to Work

Jonathan Schlereth's bike at rest.

“I rode my bike to work on Monday, May 14, and didn’t know it was National Bike to Work Day this week. So of course I had to ride again Friday, May 18!

“I try to ride to work, weather permitting, at least once or twice a month and hope to work up to once a week. Sustainability efforts yes. I love pulling out of the driveway on the bike, leaving my truck behind.

“But more than that, the bike I ride today was one of my father’s bikes. He passed on a legacy and love of walking, biking, and golfing to me. Biking is one of the many connections I have to him and the time we shared. I bike now in hopes that I will bike well into my 70s like he did!

Cassie Wilson, Director, Fort Gordon, Ga.

Building a Workout into ‘Work’

“I bike to work because it saves gas and allows me exercise during my commute.  It’s not always easy carving out time during the day to exercise, so I like the idea of building a workout into something I’d already be doing on a daily basis (i.e. commuting to work).”

Robert Pampel, Admissions

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  1. Karla Armbruster says:

    This article made me think of Roy Johnson, who mentioned on our discussion listserv that he regularly biked to Webster from Kirkwood. I never met Roy in person but will very much miss his contributions to listserv discussions.