IT Maintenance Windows and Freeze Dates

| April 19, 2012

Information Technology has added a new web page devoted to maintenance windows and freeze dates. This page indicates dates and times when software and hardware updates have been scheduled (maintenance windows), as well as Critical Academic Dates when every attempt will be made to refrain from scheduling system updates (freeze dates).

The next window is scheduled to take place April 27 through April 29. When applicable, IT will provide a summary of system updates planned prior to each occurrence. Please be advised that during these maintenance windows, you can anticipate intermittent systems access, or extended unavailability of some systems.

If your department has a critical process or cycle which requires the use of any IT applications (i.e. CARS, network, etc.) which has not yet been added to IT’s internal critical processes calendar, please use this form to request that it be added. IT uses this calendar to determine the best times for maintenance windows and contact information for events/processes that may be impacted by any emergency changes or maintenance.


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  1. Elizabeth Hamtil says:

    This is a nice addition, and I appreciate the improved communication of outages. It would be even better if the impacted systems/what is expected to be down could be added to the chart (as it becomes available/known). As someone who works with online students, this will make it even easier for us to anticipate and communicate with online students when LDAP, Connections, etc. will be down. Thanks!

    • Ken says:

      Thank you for the comment and we will certaintly look to add this information into the process.

  2. Terri Jones says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your comments. As our maintenance work schedule solidifies, IT will be sending a reminder about it next week, identifying the systems that will be impacted. These details will be available in the daily Webster Today digest email, but for security purposes, will not be put on the blog.

    Tnanks again for the comments!