Recyclemania Update

| March 12, 2012

Recyclemania 2012

There is less than a month left in the Recyclemania Tournament!

Webster University is entered in three competition categories: the Gorilla Prize, the Grand Champion and the Per Capita Classic.

Currently, Webster ranks in 144th nationwide in the Gorilla Prize and 188th in the Per Capita Classic. Results for the Grand Champion category will be posted next week.

Over the course of the first three weeks of the competition, Webster has recycled 40,270 pounds of material, which is 2.18 pounds per person.

Out of the nine Missouri colleges and universities participating at competition level, Webster is sixth in the Gorilla Prize and seventh in the Per Capita Classic.

Cumulatively, Webster has saved 57 metric tons of CO2 Equivalent as calculated using the EPA Warm Model Calculator. This likens to 31 cars off the road or the energy consumption of 15 households.

At the Recyclemania Kick-off Event in February, over 50 students, faculty and staff members signed a pledge to make the effort to reduce their overall waste by reusing more and recycling as much as possible. Please join the campus-wide effort by actively participating in recycling practices.

For information about how to recycle at Webster, including full lists of recyclable items and the food contamination policy, please visit

You can stay up to date on Webster’s performance in the competition by visiting

Email with any questions about Webster’s Recycling program.

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