Internationalization Update: An Inventory of our Efforts

| February 13, 2012

Call for Subcommittee Volunteers

In alignment with our goal of achieving global academic and operational excellence, President Beth Stroble and Provost Julian Schuster announced last fall Webster University would participate in the American Council on Education’s Internationalization Laboratory cohort.

They named a Steering Committee to coordinate our involvement.

The Steering Committee is charged with reviewing the University’s internationalization efforts, analyzing them and developing a strategic plan for long-term success and growth. The committee now turns to the greater Webster community for its knowledge, expertise and support.

In an effort to focus its efforts within the broader context of the University, the Steering Committee formed seven subcommittees. Those subcommittees are:

• Communications
• Recruitment, Admissions and International Student Services
• Faculty and Staff Development and Mobility
• Campus Network
• Partnerships, Collaborations and Outreach
• Curriculum and Teaching
• Student Mobility

The subcommittees will be relatively small and diverse. Any member of the greater Webster University community — faculty, staff, administrator or student, regardless of campus location — is invited to volunteer to serve. We may not be able to place every volunteer, but be assured that we will consult with every member of the university community interested in providing input for our work.

If interested in serving on one of the seven subcommittees, please contact Francine Case before March 1 at Please provide your name and the subcommittee you would like to join.

Webster University is a complex institution with a considerable degree of internationalization already in place. The task of these subcommittees is to inventory these existing efforts so that they may identify needs and goals, as well as any gaps between these goals and reality.

The Steering Committee drafted a series of questions to guide these discussions, among them:

• How are we meeting the goal to set the standard for global education?
• What opportunities exist for international experiences?
• What is our goal for foreign language instruction?
• What are our plans for international growth?

A more comprehensive list of questions will be provided for each subcommittee during the first time it meets.

Final subcommittee reports will be submitted to the Steering Committee in Fall 2012. The Steering Committee will use those documents to then develop a full implementation plan that will guide Webster’s internationalization efforts for the next five to 10 years.


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