SOC “Focus on Faculty in February” Brown Bag Series

| February 10, 2012

Please join us during the month of February for several interesting and informative presentations highlighting the extensive talents and insights of the School of Communications faculty:

Forgiving and Reconciling: Myths, Truths, and its Power

Presented by Scott Jensen, professor, Speech Communications, and director of the Forensics & Debate Team. This presentation will look at definitions and explanations of forgiveness, a guide, or “10 commandments” of forgiveness, and also a broader critique of our attitudes and how they impact broader society, including political climate, family structure, etc.

Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb. 15, noon
UC Sunnen Lounge

Taking Students on Short Term Study Abroad, (or how I spent my summer vacation!)

Presented by Linda Williams, adjunct professor, School of Communications, and academic advisor. Six students from the School of Communications traveled to Scotland and the Isle of Arran by air, van and ferry for a two-week, short-term study abroad class in travel journalism.  Come learn about this adventurous and exciting trip from their fearless leader, Linda.

Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb. 22, noon
Library Conference Room

Making a Documentary in the Digital Era

Presented by Jorge Oliver, associate professor and department chair, Electronic and Photographic Media.

Date/Time:  Tuesday, Feb. 28, noon
Location: UC Sunnen Lounge

Empowering Women in the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF): Access, Age, Social Media, and the Internet

Presented by Laurel Hayes, adjunct professor, School of Communications.

Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb. 29, noon
UC Sunnen Lounge


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