Snapshots: Facilities, Custodial Services Holiday Gathering

| December 21, 2011
Craig Miller leads the crew in "Silent Night"

Craig Miller takes a turn as conductor.

Facilities Planning and Management staff gathered for their annual staff holiday lunch, with some familiar faces in unfamiliar roles.

Retiree Ed Granich returned to lead the trivia game.

Craig Miller, project manager in Facilities Planning, directed the attendees in a rendition of “Silent Night,” while Retiree Ed Granich returned to campus to lead the group in a trivia game.

Granich retired from the Facilities group in 2005, but he’s still remembered fondly.

Lest you think this is a one-song crew, the group also pulled together a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to celebrate the birthday Jason Kinder, general manager of Custodial Services,

Pam Lewis, coordinator in Facilities, organized the party held in Sunnen Lounge. Cheers to everyone in Facilities and Custodial Services for another year of keeping everything running smoothly.

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