September 2011 Employee Spotlight

| November 7, 2011

John Rodriguez, lab assistant, Ft. Bliss, Texas, and Jason Reynolds, customer service coordinator, Office of the Bursar, share the employee spotlight honors for September 2011.


John Rodriguez has been invaluable as the sole IT lab technician for the Ft. Bliss Webster operation, according to his nominator. With his “can do” attitude, John has taken on a number of tasks not in his job description, including: devising inventory procedures for all University equipment; editing each semester’s newsletter and adding his Tech Talk section; and creating blueprints for the campus showing classroom locations as well as equipment and seating capacity.

“John takes the lead in coordinating all issues with computers, the copier, scanning and phone lines and does not stop until they have been resolved,” his nominator says. “In addition, he redesigned the campus website to include sections for faculty and student posts, syllabi and classroom schedules, which he also keeps updated. He is a true Webster champion.”

John has been a computer technician with Webster for more than five years. He says his job entails fixing, installing and maintaining old and new technologies for the benefit of students and the military. John says he recently replaced 45 computers, solving all the residual technical difficulties that come with such a change, and he likes the fact that “monotony is never an issue” in his job.

John gets satisfaction from helping people and seeing the relief when their issues have been resolved. “It’s a form of instant gratification for my work and effort.” Becoming a graduate student with Webster and using that experience to better his understanding and helpfulness has been particularly meaningful to John.

John chose the $100 bond certificate as his prize.


Jason Reynolds is an “exceptional staff member” and a Webster University alumnus who received his undergraduate degree in 2004 and graduate degree in 2007. Jason’s nominator credits him with providing excellent, friendly and consistently high-quality customer service every day in his position as customer service coordinator for the Bursar’s Office.

The nominator appreciates Jason’s patience and helpfulness to the staff in his department as well as to the students and parents he talks to each day.

“The Webster family is so very fortunate to have such a wonderful, dedicated staff member serving the needs of our students and parents with such expertise and kindness,”the nominator says. “Jason is the epitome of the excellence of Webster University and it is an honor and pleasure to work with him.”

Unfortunately, Jason was not available for an interview.


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  1. Graciela N.V.Corvalan says:

    Felicitaciones, Jason!!