‘Lizzy’ Student Entrepreneur at Webster Vienna

| October 26, 2011
"Lizzy" co-founders

Daniel Horak and Webster Vienna student Gregor Jarisch

Webster University Vienna student Gregor Jarisch is the co-founder of Spoken Language System, an Austrian start-up founded four years ago and designed to compete with call centers.

Their creation “Lizzy” is a virtual advisor, who for now is helping customers finding their way through the Internet jungle, but later on will also be used for phone inquiries.

As the Internet becomes more and more complex, Lizzy acts a consultant, asking questions to define searches further and then finally present results to a customer. What makes Lizzy exceptional is the fact that it offers a do-it-yourself configuration component, saving the clients time and money.

A prototype of “Lizzy” is in the testing phase, and by the end of the year it should be available on the market.

At the moment Jarisch and his co-founder Daniel Horak identify mail order companies or the technology industry as prospective clients for Lizzy.

Cheaper than a Call Center

The rate for an inquiry at a help desk is approx. seven Euros, whereas Lizzy can do it for 29 cents. Jarisch says Lizzy will also be available in multiple languages in the future.


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