Flooding Advisory for Webster Thailand Students

| October 21, 2011
Webster University Thailand

2011 Orientation at Webster University's Ch-am campus.

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Update, Oct. 31: The Bangkok Center will re-open Tuesday, Nov. 1, and Fall 2 classes will resume.

Update, Oct. 26: Webster University Bangkok Center will remain closed from Oct. 27-31 due to flooding in different parts of Bangkok.

The Thai government has asked all Universities to close during this period.

Update, Oct. 21: Thus far all Webster faculty, staff and students are reported to be fine, and Fall 2 classes are expected to begin Monday as scheduled. But further updates will be issued if the situation changes.

Original Post:

Extensive floods that have hit Thailand all summer threaten north and eastern areas around the capital city of Bangkok, so Webster University students in Bangkok and at the Cha-am campus in the South have been advised accordingly.

Though Ch-am is not expected to be affected, students there have been advised of the situation in the North.

Please think of our students and colleagues in Thailand during this difficult time for their communities.

After the constant pressure against the city’s flood barriers, the Thai government is now conducting a controlled release that will flood eastern parts of the city to ease the buildup.

The Prime Minister’s office issued this update:

Floodgates will be opened in Bangkok to ease the buildup of water to the north of the city. Residents are urged to move belongings upstairs, to unplug all electrical appliances on ground floor levels and prepare for flooding in the eastern parts of the city.

The drainage of floodwaters through eastern Bangkok will affect seven of its districts, namely Sai Mai, Klong Sam Wa, Kannayao, Min Buri, Lat Krabang, Bang Khen and Nong Chok.

Webster University Thailand issued the following recommendations to students:

Cha-am campus: Students are requested to stay in the Hua Hin/Cha-am area as all areas to the north are affected by the current flooding. Announcements (see below) have been issued to the effect that Eastern Bangkok will be flooded to reduce the water buildup. Travel at this time is not advised.

Bangkok campus: Students are urged to maintain their personal safety first. No class or event is worth risking safety or security. If your home is not affected by the flooding and your way to the campus is clear, normal hours will be maintained, but no one will be penalized for flood related absence.

A visual explanation of government efforts is in this Bangkok Post article.

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