Remembering Stuart Whitehurst

| October 17, 2011

From Robert Spencer, Director General, Webster University in Europe:

Our University community was stunned to learn over the weekend of a terrible airplane accident in Botswana that claimed the life of our beloved faculty member, Stuart Whitehurst, adjunct professor at Webster Geneva, and his wife, Nadine.

Please read with sympathy the statement below by our colleague, Ray Bonnan, who had an especially close personal and professional relationship with Stuart for most of their adult lives. We will communicate further information to our Webster community as soon as it becomes available.

Message from Ray Bonnan, herd of Computer Studies and adjunct professor, Geneva Campus:

Dear Colleagues,

I am sad to announce the tragic death of our colleague Stuart Whitehurst and his wife Nadine. They died last Friday when their plane crashed during their holidays in Botswana. Just prior to their death, Nadine and Stuart explained that, after a life devoted to their family and professional activities, they would spend time together, traveling around the world and looking after each other. Fate has decided otherwise.

Behind Stuart’s imposing and outspoken exterior, there was a very gentle, generous, loving and sometimes fragile man, sincerely appreciated by all of our Webster community. I, personally, have been very fortunate in having Stuart as a friend as I knew that I could always count on him whatever the circumstances and we could share the good moments and the unhappy times.  As a colleague, he was a real professional always perfecting his courses and delivering them as if they were completely new. For our department, an irreplaceable pillar has collapsed.

We will all miss Stuart and Nadine dearly.


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  1. Allen Rozelle says:

    I can only echo Ray’s homage and emotion.  Stu and Nadine were wonderful people.  Our world is poorer without them, but our memory of them lives on!  Long live the Whitehursts!

  2. I also can only echo Ray’s message.  I enjoyed working with and discussing life with Stuart and he will be missed.