El Salvador Immersion Opportunity for Students

| October 11, 2011
Webster University delegation in El Salvador

Kim McGrath, Office of Study Abroad, fielded student questions about El Salvador.

The Central American country of El Salvador is marked by a tragic history, one that includes several episodes of direct American intervention.

This history made a perfect topic for the most recent International Studies Symposium Tuesday, Oct. 11, where six Webster University faculty discussed their recent one-week immersion experience and how that will lead to study abroad opportunities for Webster students.

Global Forum and International Studies Symposium on El Salvador

Dan Hellinger, professor, History Politics & International Relations, speaks on El Salvador at Tuesday's International Symposium. An archive of the webcast is viewable online.

The Symposium, “Rebuilding from the Bottom Up after War,” was webcast live via the Global Forum stream, where an archive is viewable (click on the Video Library tab and select “Stories from El Salvador”).

The goal of their trip last summer was to learn how Salvadorans are trying to rebuild their country today.

The delegation also included Anne Schappe, professor, Nursing; Bill Barrett, professor, Electronic & Photographic Media; Brad Scott, associate professor, Business; Kim McGrath, assistant director, Office of Study Abroad; and Paul Moriarty, adjunct professor, Philosophy.

As a result of the visit, Webster will offer students hybrid-courses, including a one-week immersion experience in El Salvador.

El Salvador’s most recent conflict was a bloody civil war of the 1980′s in which 50,000 people lost their lives — the vast majority, according to an independent commission, being victims of its U.S.-supported government.

Among the victims of government violence during the ’80s was Archbishop Oscar Romero, who decried the violence and called for justice. During the immersion experience, the Webster delegation visited sites related to Romero’s work and gained firsthand knowledge of the important work being done by local groups who promote justice and hope for the community.

El Salvador: Rebuilding from the Bottom Up after War

Webster students turned out for the International Symposium discussing El Salvador's history and planned short-term immersion experiences.

Their experience included visits to historically significant sites; meetings with organizations including the University of Central America (UCA), the Acomujerza foundation, the Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN), Mujer y Comunidad; and discussions with individuals such as renowned local artist Fernando Llort.

The visit was aided by funding from a Messing Faculty Award.


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