Webster IT Department Implements ITIL Framework for Better Service

| October 6, 2011
Continual Process Improvement: ITIL Cycle

ITIL Cycle (Click to enlarge)

Webster University’s Information Technology (IT) Department has taken the first steps in a process that will improve IT services and strengthen its partnership with Webster constituents.

By employing components of the industry-standard Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) under the stewardship of Terri Jones, IT will use a set of best practices with clear, consistent, repeatable processes to better serve our students, faculty, staff and administration.


ITIL is an integrated set of best-practices with common definitions and terminology that define how to organize the system and network management departments within individual organizations. The framework supports IT service providers in the planning of consistent, documented, and repeatable processes that improve service delivery to the business.


The concept of ITIL first emerged in the UK during the 1980’s when the British government determined that the quality of IT service provided to them was insufficient. The Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency was tasked with developing a framework for efficient and financially responsible use of IT resources within the British government and the private sector. Large companies and governments across Europe adopted the framework quickly in the early 1990’s. With use of the framework spreading across the world, and the ever-changing nature of IT, ITIL went through several iterations to arrive at version 3, adopted in 2007, and used today, with a greater emphasis on IT integration with business.


One of the key benefits of adopting these best practices is the development of a better partnership between IT and Webster’s entire community of customers as a result of improving communications and establishing common points of reference. Alignment of IT to Webster’s mission and goals will enable greater leverage of information systems and services to better serve our students, faculty, staff, and administration.


Improved quality of IT services will be accomplished through the execution of consistent, repeatable processes, and IT will be measuring its performance using industry-standard metrics, and soliciting customer satisfaction feedback from all constituencies. A more structured, end-user focused approach for change management, especially for critical systems such as CX, will be developed and implemented. New processes and roles will also be defined around the handling of problems (or disruption or degradation of a service) and the deployment of new services.


This effort will be spear-headed by Terri Jones, Director, IT Information Services.

To date IT has revised the way it communicate about planned and unplanned outages, as well as the way CX updates are implemented. Please stay tuned as we communicate other changes and as we continue this effort to provide continuous service improvement.


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