Donate Children’s Books for Student Literacy Corps Book Drive

| October 3, 2011

Donate your books.

It’s that time again! Time to check your basement, attic and bookshelves for outgrown children’s books in need of a new home.

Since 2001, the Student Literacy Corps (SLC) has coordinated a Children’s Book Drive in conjunction with Webster Works Worldwide. Webster students, faculty and staff have donated 10,737 new and gently used books to schools, family literacy programs and shelters serving children from infants through adolescents.

By donating these books to schools in low-income areas, we have shared our love of reading with children who have limited access to quality children’s books.

The books are donated locally – mostly to the schools and agencies the SLC serves. Here, Webster students have encountered learning environments that offer children few opportunities to read quality children’s books (that are still in good condition).

Additionally, many of these kids come from families for whom purchasing children’s books is just beyond their budget, who live in neighborhoods where it may be unsafe to take a walk to their local library. These students learn to love (or hate) reading based on what they are exposed to at school. This is our chance to increase the odds that they’ll find something they love.

Look for our bright yellow drop boxes at the following locations:

Sverdrup Lobby (by the Communication Office)
Marlettos (main doors)
MICISA House (in lobby)
University Center (by ATM)
Pearson House (lobby)
Bookstore (entrance)
Schultze Hall, Eden Seminary (2nd floor)
Career Services
School of Education (2nd floor, Webster Hall, across from elevator)
Emerson Library (Jazzman Cafe)

For more details, contact Kate Northcott at extension 7479.


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