August 2011 New Employees

| September 2, 2011


Gad Guterman, assistant professor, Conservatory of Theatre Arts, will lead a new program being developed in theatre studies/dramaturgy. For the last seven years, Gad served as the education director for the Vineyard Theatre, an Off-Broadway company dedicated to producing new plays and musicals. He received a PhD in theatre  from The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and a master’s degree in educational theatre from New York University. He can be reached at 314-246-6931.

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Trezette Dixon, assistant director, employment services, Career Services, (314) 968-6982, replaces James Justin Barton.

Murray Farish, visiting assistant professor, English, (314) 968-7170, new position.

Ryan Gregg, assistant professor, Art, (314) 968-7171, new position.

Martha Hart, assistant professor, Music, 314) 246-5480, new position.

D.J. Kaiser, assistant professor, Communication Arts, Reading & Early Childhood Education, (314) 246-7153, new position.

Marissa Lewis, help desk team leader, User Services, (314) 246-5995, replaces Seth Brand.

Stephanie Mahfood, assistant professor, Multidisclipinary Studies, 314-968-7490, new position.

Jacob McEndollar, documentation and training team leader, User Services, (314) 246-6390, replaces Michael Barbeau.

David Pennington, assistant professor, History, Politics & International Relations, replaces Mike Salerouris.

Joseph Sencibaugh, associate professor, Teacher Education, (314) 246-7072, replaces Katherine Korobey.

George Shea, assistant professor, Communication Arts, Reading & Early Childhood Education, (314) 246-7494, replaces Paul Steinmann.

Jaime Stecker, department associate, Admissions, (314) 246-8612, replaces Cynthia Wagner.

Sigrid Sutter, visiting assistant professor, Music, (314) 968-6929 replaces Bill Lynch/Julia Foh.

Regina Thurman, coordinator, Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., (405) 739-3518, replaces Sarah Yates.

Elizabeth Welsh, representative, Fayetteville Metropolitan Campus, Ark., (479) 571-1511, replaces Sherrolyn Scheuerell

Susan Wilcox, director, Project Management Office, (314) 968- 7839, replaces Ben Hockenhull.

Oren Yagil, special assistant to the president, Office of the President, (314) 246-8250, new position.


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