Immersion Story: Three Webster Friends in China

| August 30, 2011
Three Webster graduate students in China

Three Webster "Pengyou" in Chengdu: Aehord, Cameron and Davis

From Rick Foristel, Webster director in Shanghai, comes a report on three Webster students in China:

Immersion in China might not be for everyone, but Greg Cameron, Wes Aehord and Stephen Davis have been immersed for the past several years. Cameron and Aehord are just weeks away from graduating with MBA’s from the Webster University/University of Electronics and Science and Technology China (UESTC) Joint Program.

Davis has worked annually for the past three years in Chengdu working with his father, Webster professor John Davis, at the Webster program at Chengdu.

Stephen Davis is traveling this week to Beijing to start a new program at Webster partner Beijing Language and Culture University.

He applied and competed for a two-year, MA scholarship in economics.  The program will be entirely in English, but he’ll continue his Chinese language work on the side.

Greg Cameron

Cameron started his own, personal China program with Beijing after graduating from the University of Texas. He studied Chinese along the way in the U.S. and then Beijing, finding his way to the Webster Chengdu MBA Program. He also worked for Webster for a semester during his MBA, as liaison for the 13 Webster Global MBA (GMBA) students who studied in Chengdu last year.

Webster placed “the Globals” in the same apartment complex where Greg lives, just a few blocks from the Webster/UESTC MBA Center. He was there 24/7 to help them with apartment maintenance problems, bus schedules, traveling needs, internet adjustments and social arrangements. Near the end, the GMBA students named Greg “number 14,” — that is, the fourteenth GMBA student.

Wes Aehord

Aehord followed the path of enlightenment and economic boom to find Chengdu. The U.S. Marine veteran started work in Chengdu with American companies and decided to advance in business through the Webster MBA.

He was recently hired by Meineke Car Centers to work with the American company to start an auto maintenance, repair and parts center in China. The 5-million-person city center is jammed with cars today; only 15 years ago, almost no one owned a car. Mieneke and Wes saw the need. After the MBA, he’ll continue to work on expansion plans and work for Mieneke.

Both the Shanghai and Chengdu MBA programs accept international students from all over the world.  However, tuition and living expenses in Chengdu are less, while the instructors are all international. In addition, the countryside just outside of Chengdu is varied and naturally pleasing  — from jagged mountains, tropical hills and river valleys to the great plateau itself, the Chengdu.

Editor’s note about the photo caption: “Pengyou” (朋  友) is the Chinese word for “friend(s).”

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  1. Dr. Glenn W. Briggs says:

    Both Wes and Greg were my Organizational Behavior students, and certainly good friends, while I was teaching at Webster’s Chengdu Campus.  They were – and still are – two of the best representatives of the USA I have met overseas.  They devoted considerable personal time and effort into adapting and contributing to Chinese culture.  Their attitudes and initiative have made them well-respected by their Chinese peng you men, and it will be great to see them again in October!