2011-12 Parking Permits Now Available

| July 14, 2011

From Debbie West, Department of Public Safety:

It is time to purchase parking permits for the 2011-12 academic  year. You may stop by the Public Safety Office (572 Garden Ave., adjacent to the parking garage entrance) during business hours, Monday РFriday, 7:30 a.m. Р4 p.m., to pick up your permit, or you can send your form through inter-office mail beginning Monday, July 18, 2011.

Vehicle registration forms and payroll deduction forms are available at the Public Safety Office or can be obtained by emailing dwest@webster.edu. Vehicle registration forms are also available in the Business Office. The cost for permits is the same as last year: $120 for Garage Only and $200 for Lots and Garage.

Human Resources will continue payroll deductions for those employees who are currently paying for their permits by payroll deduction. If you want the same permit you had last year (garage only or lots & garage), it isn’t necessary to fill out a new payroll deduction card. Just fill out the vehicle registration form and send it, with duplicate attached, to Debbie West through inter-office mail. A copy of the form will be returned to you with your permit. Be sure to mark whether you are staff or full-time faculty. If you decide to change the type of permit you get this year, you will need to fill out a new payroll deduction card since there is a difference in cost.

All new employees, including adjunct faculty, need to fill out both the vehicle registration form and the payroll deduction form. All registration forms must include the license plate number since Missouri is going through the process of changing license plates on all vehicles.

If you are a faculty member who will be on sabbatical during a semester or the full year, please notify me and I will have Human Resources stop your payroll deduction while you are away. The permit cost will be pro-rated for the time you are here. If you are here in the fall and then leave for spring, you will have to return your permit to Public Safety to have the payroll deduction stopped.

If you choose not to purchase a permit for the upcoming school year but had one last year, you will need to notify me so I can have your payroll deduction stopped. If anyone has any questions about this procedure, please contact me at dwest@webster.edu or 314-246-8021.


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