MBA with an emphasis in Financial Planning

| June 28, 2011

From Thomas C. Nickolai, director, Academic Advising:

Since 2007 Webster University has partnered with The American College of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, to offer a MBA in combination with an emphasis in Financial Planning. The American College specializes in financial education for securities, banking, and insurance professionals.

This is a very small and specialized program. This program is not in the Webster catalog because the only students eligible for the program must already attend The American College. The nine MBA courses must be taken at Webster University. The seven courses in Financial Planning must be taken at The American College.

The American College is the premier education provider of a curriculum for professionals who want the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. No course substitutions or course waivers will be accepted for the CFP courses. This specialized emphasis does not duplicate Webster’s distinct MS degree core in Finance.

Senior advisor Tyann Cherry has created a degree plan for this partnership. If you receives any inquiries about this emphasis, please forward them to Tyann. We have very few students in this program since students must be accepted and enrolled at both institutions.

After a period of relative inactivity, we recently had two inquiries possibly because The American College redid their website or otherwise began promoting the partnership again.

So if you receive any inquiries about a MBA emphasis in Financial Planning (as opposed to Finance), the answer is we do have one but is only open to those students pursuing Financial Planning at The American College. Refer all further questions to senior advisor Tyann Cherry in St. Louis.

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  1. Annet te Jones says:

    Will the entire program ever be offered at Webster?  I’m really interested in this area of finance.  I just finished my MBA but would love to come back and get the financial planning part of it.  Thanks.

  2. Tom Nickolai says:

    Annette, thank you for your comment on Webster Today. At this time the Walker School has no plans to offer financial planning as a separate graduate area of study. For Webster as for most institutions of higher education the study of finance is essentially the story of corporate finance. It is most interested in how money moves between corporations as this is where many of the professional jobs are. Especially at the graduate level it studies the larger picture.
    Financial planning on the other hand is primarily concerned with advising individuals on how to maximize their investments. Historically that has always been a smaller picture arena and when taught in higher education, it is taught at the undergraduate level usually as a single course. Some agricultural schools have championed family finance which itself is a growth from the older home economics movement.
    The American College (which was founded as The American College of Underwriters) is one institution that is trying to make Financial Planning a legitimate area of graduate study and Webster is proud to be a partner with them.
    However at this point there is no widespread demand to create financial planning as a separate area of graduate study at Webster.