June 2011 Employee Service Anniversaries

| June 27, 2011

The University extends its appreciation to the following individuals for their years of service:

Emir Alisic, extended site coordinator, User Services, 5 years

Stephen Foder, public safety officer, Public Safety, 5 years

Jennifer Holtmann, administrative support coordinator, Desktop Technical Services, User Services, 5 years

Shelley Krahl, representative, Orlando Metropolitan Campus, Fla., 5 years

Lisa Michaud, GoArmyEd representative, Registrar’s Office, 5 years

Michael Padilla, department associate, South Orlando Academic Center, Fla., 5 years

Javashia Scott-Polite, representative, Beaufort Naval Hospital, S.C., 5 years

Mary Krchma, development officer, Development & Alumni Office, 10 years

John Aleshunas, associate professor, Math & Computer Science, 15 years

Marilynn Shelton, financial aid counselor, Financial Aid, 15 years

Syed Ali, coordinator, Enterprise Information Systems, 20 years

Patricia Froeckmann, assistant director/academic advisor, Westport Campus, 20 years

John Robinson, associate professor, Management Department, 20 years

Donna Gilmore, assistant registrar, Registrar’s Office, 30 years

Questions concerning employee anniversary information should be sent to Lisa Scott in Human Resources, lisascott78@webster.edu.


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