Celebrating Karen Luebbert

| May 26, 2011

Karen Luebbert with her family at retirement party.

Joined by her husband, Jack, her daughter, Kati, and granddaughters, Alli and Shea, Karen Luebbert visited and reminisced with old and new friends who came to wish her well at her May 26 retirement party.

Speaking at the gathering of faculty, staff, board members and community associates, Luebbert thanked her colleagues, emphasizing that what she appreciates most about Webster University is its culture.

Karen with President Stroble.

“That culture is why we are here,” she said. “We are here for the students, and I thank you for contributing to that culture.

“It’s been an honor and pleasure to be part of this institution, and I know I am leaving it in good hands.

“I am so proud to have been a part of it.”

Several retirees were in attendance, including Bob Fry, Martha Van Lueven, Teenie Followell, Suzanne Walls, Bev Wheeler and others.

Prior to Luebbert’s remarks, President Beth Stroble read a poem written by Nancy Higgins in honor of the occasion.

Public Affairs staff ready to deliver postcards from Florida.

Before she read the last stanza, Stroble paused, saying Karen and Jack want to share their new address in Florida so everyone can keep in touch and visit them.

The Public Affairs staff — dressed in colorful beach attire — then entered the room, handing out postcards with the couple’s new address: 470 E. Carefree, Y’Allvisitus, Fl 01964-2011.

Tribute to Karen
by Nancy Higgins

Marletto’s Marketplace
Thursday, May 26, 2:30-4 p.m.
Tribute at 3 p.m.

You arrived in the early 60’s
A lass from Bel-Nor,
Embarking on a career,
That would open many a door.

You were a day-hop student
And actively engaged
In the campus life at Webster
The place that became your life’s stage.

You directed the library
For 25 years,
It was just the first
of your many Webster careers.

The VP of University services,
Interim VP of finance,
Whatever the assignment,
You danced the dance.

An advisor, a mentor
And a friend were you,
Empowering others
To make their dreams come true.

You witnessed many changes
And growth day-to-day,
Always true to the mission
And the Webster way.

Strategic planning,
Board reports, and more,
You were to the “go-to” person
For ideas and solutions galore.

The Old Post Office saga,
The challenges and tasks,
You faced with inspiring dignity
And the utmost class.

Advanced degrees,
Appointments to Boards,
Your influence in the community,
Continually soared.

Many are those
Whose paths you crossed,
Many memories made
That will never be lost.

Soon you’ll be parking
At a different dock,
In your heart you know,
You’ll always be a Gorlok.

Best friend to Jack and Kati,
Mark, Alli and Shea,
May joy fill your hearts,
Each and every day.

Your legacy is precious
And will echo through these halls,
But, just in case,
Will you still take our calls?

As you move on,
To life at the beach,
We are comforted to know,
You are still within reach.

Karen, it may seem now
That the years have swirled,
Thank you for serving Webster,
And having the “best job in the world!

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