Geneva Hosts Security Forum 2011 on Counterinsurgency

| April 18, 2011

Webster students from the organizing committee at Security Forum 2011 in Geneva

From Sarah Knight, department assistant, International Relations, Webster University Geneva:

The International Relations Department hosted the fifth edition of its annual Security Forum, on the theme of Counterinsurgency (COIN). The discussions took place in the Living and Learning Center at the Webster University Geneva campus, where over 145 participants listened to 27 speakers debating the following four matters:

  • Theory and practice of COIN;
  • Risks and threats of COIN today and tomorrow;
  • Insurgencies, resistance and COIN in the Middle East;
  • Irregular wars, non state actors and international humanitarian law.

Expert Panels

Webster students had the opportunity to interact with expert panels at the conference.

Within each workshop, speaker presentations were followed by an active question and answer session furthering dialogue.

Students attending the forum from the War and Diplomacy (INTL 5500) or Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping (INTL 5860) courses were able to meet with expert panelists, many having held decisive roles in conflict resolution.

There was a common realization that COIN poses a great number of challenges to modern military forces. Although, clearly contested was the way in which COIN influences parties involved to the conflict and its short and long term effects on civilian populations directly or indirectly involved.

Speakers reached a consensus that the main objective of COIN efforts must be focused on the populations, and that success and failure will be made in the response to the local population’s security needs.

This yearly event is organized by a committee of volunteer students. The proceedings of each conference will be edited and published in late 2011.

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